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Pocket Squad Girls founder and daughterEmpowering girls with functional pockets full of ‘everyday girl power’, Pocket Squad Girls has developed a practical play-based solution to tackle the alarmingly common occurrences of bullying being faced by girls.

Determined to champion a future of inclusive girls united by their pocketful of ‘everyday girl power’, Melbourne Mum of 4, Kristy Elsworth, officially launched Pocket Squad Girls in February 2020 after her daughters' own experiences of being bullied at the age of six. “The idea was born when my 6 year old daughter Emme was being excluded in her first year at school. My desire to provide her with something relatable and play-based that could help teach her and other girls how to be inclusive led me to create the Pocket Squad Girls,’ says Kristy. "

"All I could think was ‘it needs to be a doll of some sort’ – but not just any doll. It needed to be relatable in terms of how it looks, but it still needed to have that bit of ‘wow’ factor for girls to be interested – that’s when I started to combine the ideas of the ‘everyday girl’ with the ‘superhero girl’, but rather than her having ‘supernatural powers (like being able to fly), her superpowers and the thing that unites the girls are their ‘everyday girl powers’ – those talents, traits and attributes that make our girls totally awesome from the inside out." And there-in lied the birth of the Pocket Squad Girls dolls.

With 83% of students who bully others online also bullying others in person*, the brand has its sight set on the online world just as much as the offline world. “Our Pocket Squad Girls dolls aim to unite girls in the offline world in their younger years, so that by the time they enter the online world they’re lifting each other up, rather than putting each other down” states Kristy.

The pocketful of ‘everyday girl power’ comes in the form of a Squad of vibrant pocket-size dolls, each with a unique everyday trait, value, talent or attribute. From adventurous, to kind, creative, sporty, strong or caring, the list of everyday girl powers is diverse and limitless. And the same diversity applies to each dolls’ appearance.

 “The Pocket Squad Girls dolls encourage girls to talk with one another about their unique everyday girl powers and learn about them through play” explains Pocket Squad Girls’ founder and Mum of 4, Kristy Elsworth.

But for Kristy, the solution didn’t end with the Pocket Squad Girls dolls. As a Mum, she also acknowledged how important practicality was as part of the concept. “The demand from my daughter to take her Pocket Squad Girl doll with her everywhere made clothes with functional pockets a must-have for her, so that’s exactly what we created.” The functional pockets are just as much a feature as a promise by the brand, with a commitment to functional pockets on ALL dresses and bottoms, and most sweaters and tees. This includes a design-patented geometric heart-shaped pocket, created exclusively to fit the Pocket Squad Girls dolls. Available in sizes 3 - 10, there is a variety of bright, fun and practical styles for girls to choose from. If you'd like to find out more about our awesome brand, please watch our brand story below and contact us.